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Signed a contract for the supply of UKS-400 UKE for a nuclear burial ground

The history of the uranium mine in Oklo (Africa, Gabon):

In 1972, the producing field of uranium in Oklo (Africa, Gabon) inquisitive lab noticed that the percentage of U-235 in the ore below the norm at 0.003%. Despite the apparent minor deviations for scientists it was an emergency. All terrestrial uranium ores, and even in the samples brought from the Moon, the uranium content in the ore index is always 0.7202%, for whatever reason, from the mines in the Oklo raised ore containing 0.7171%, or even less?

Most of all, scientists afraid of strange, so in 1975 in the capital of Gabon, Libreville, a scientific conference at which atomic scientists were looking for an explanation of the phenomenon. After much debate, we decided to consider only the Oklo mine in the world natural nuclear reactor. .. Arising 1.8 billion years ago and was burning for 500 thousand years of natural reactor burned, ore & ndash; decay product. All sighed with relief & nbsp; - a mystery in the world has become less

But disagree with the version of the natural nuclear reactor in the Gabonese mine put forward his theory, according to which the reactor in Oklo - creation of the mind. However, the mine in Gabon, less like a nuclear reactor, built high-tech civilization. However, alternativschiki on this and do not insist. In their opinion the mine in Gabon was a place of burial of spent nuclear fuel.

For this purpose, a place chosen and prepared perfectly: for half a million years old basalt "sarcophagus" a single gram of radioactive substances do not penetrate into the environment.

The theory that the Oklo mine in - a nuclear burial ground from a technical point of view is much more suitable than the version of "natural reactor". But closing some questions, it sets new. After all, if there was a burial of nuclear waste, the means and the reactor it was where the waste brought. Where did he go? And where was lost civilization itself, which has built a cemetery?

High-pressure compressor station UKS-400 UKE will be used in the extraction of ore.