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On Highway exhibition in Nizhny Tagil introduced a new product

Geomodifiers Glider friction is used in internal combustion engines, compressors, diesel generators, bearings, etc. "Glider" - a new generation of friction geomodifiers, developed by a group of experts Yekaterinburg the Manufacturing and design company "UralKomEnergo". This innovative product has a wide range of applications. He shows his unsurpassed properties wherever friction has a devastating impact on the metal.

"Glider" was created to restore, protect and extend the service life of the components and mechanisms of machine tools and other industrial equipment, internal combustion engines, transmissions and other units and units of all types of vehicles and other equipment.

Everywhere "Glider" shows the incredible results: restores worn-out equipment to the state of the new increases its service life almost indefinitely, reducing the number of repairs, as well as reduce fuel consumption, lubricants and electricity All this makes it a powerful economic effect that says every consumer geomodifiers friction "Glider" - the director of a large industrial enterprise to the owner of a simple lawn mower.