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Compressors UKS-400 UKE and VSHV-2,3 / 230 UKE for videoconferencing Russia

The compressor unit VSHV-2,3 / 230 and UKS UKE UKE-400 will be delivered in UralKomEnergo 2017-19gg. for the production of new weapons Russia.

Combat missiles developed in Russia with damaging effects on new physical principles, will be produced using compressors VSHV-2,3 / 230M and the UKS-400 UKE. Example: antitank missile system of a new generation on the basis of "shot - forgot - struck."

In the future we can talk about the creation in Russia of a fully robotic artillery systems, performing tasks without human intervention.

Compressor units VSHV-2,3 / 230M and the UKS-400 produced at the UKE compressor plant since 2008 and are to replace the obsolete compressors Sumy (Ukraine)